Welcome To Baden Hall Fishery

Baden Hall Fishery is now one of the largest pleasure fisheries in the country, comprising ten individual pools, covering over 70 acres of water and holding over 300 pegs, specialising in all aspects of course angling,  match, club, pleasure and specimen (Carp Pike and Bream)

Baden Hall fishery is split into to two main sites, the quarry complex and the day ticket complex:


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Baden Cup Qualifiers

April results

Quarry Pool

1st Oliver Mather/Matthew Ferrari – 51lb 12oz

2nd Josh Cook/Luke Vaines – 41lb 10oz

3rd Andy Blower/Daz Bailey – 25lb 1oz


Bridge Pool

1st Ryan Need/Tom Colloff – 43lb 12oz

Glovers Lake


1st  Tim Hickenbottom/Wesley Prestage – 125lb 12oz

2nd Nathan Sloan/Craig Penkethman – 24lb 12oz




Round 2 6th & 8th June


1) Rich Cooper/Sonny Chandler – Fatty Tackle

2) Chris Dale/Juan Coetzee

3) Eddie Sims/Lee Wood

4) David Carr/Leon Pope

5)Josh Hodson/ Sam Causer

6) John Tine/Lee Buckley

7) Steve Lewis/Dave Wright – Wright tackle

8) Carl Humpage/Chris Fisher

9) John Ebblewhite/ Michael Young

10) ……

11) ……

12) ……

13) ……



1) Peter Slate/Alex Ives

2) …..

3) ……

4) ……

5) …..

6) ……

7) ……

8) ……

9) …..



1) Kyrie Smethurst/Mark Bourne

2) Sean Vickers/Stephen Vigors

3) Rob Woolley/Lloyd Dyer

4) Andrea Williams/Simon Williams

5) John Collins/Jason Clayton

6) Rob Kemsley/Toby Dunn

7) Mark Booth/ ????

8) Mark Thomas/



                        Baden Carp Cup 2014

                        48hr Pairs Match

Qualifier 1 April 4th- 6th

Bridge Pool    9 pegs

Glovers Pool   8 pegs

Quarry Pool   13 pegs

Qualifier 2   June 6th- 8th

Bridge Pool    9 pegs

Glovers Pool   8 pegs

Quarry Pool   13 pegs

Semi Final July 4th- 6th

Middle Pool 

Final September 5th- 7th

1st Place £4,000

2nd Place £2,000

3rd Place £1,000

Plus Prizes and Cups!

Fishery Rules Apply which are found on the web site.

1)   4 Rods a pair on the Qualifiers, and 3 rods only on the Semi final. The final will also be 4 rods a pair.

2)   Competitors can pick which lake they wish to fish out of the 3 available for the qualifiers.

3)   A water craft draw will take place on each lake at 9am on Friday morning. The first pair to get drawn out of the hat get first choice of the swims, then that pair draws out the next pair and so on until all pegs have gone.

4)   11am a whistle will sound for you to bait up or feature find.

5)   12noon a second whistle will sound for the match to begin on all 3 lakes.  The matches will finish at 12am Sunday with a presentation up at the clubhouse after.

6)   Each lake will have marshals and their mobile numbers will be on the weighing in sheets on the day & night if you have a fish. Only marshals will weigh the fish witnessed by the competitors and an angler from the next peg.

7)   There will be zero tolerance of any kind of cheating, and any pair found so will be asked to leave.

8)   Retaining fish in the net or a retainer will be allowed while the marshals get around to you if they are busy weighing other fish around the lake.

9)   Bivvys will be allowed on the Quarry Pool over the 2 qualifiers.

10)   Entry fee is £200 per pair and must be paid cash and in full by March 15th




Day ticket complex


Competition on the Middle Pool

The angler who catches the orange Koi carp in the middle pool which weighs between 18 & 19lb wins a free weekend’s fishing. This must be verified by one of our bailiffs. Good luck



All of the pools are well stocked with mixed coarse fish including carp, chub, bream, roach, perch, tench, barble, orfe, golden orfe, etc.

Five of the pools are available for match bookings, holding from 15-54 pegs per pool. Three pools are for the pleasure angler only and are never let out for matches, thus ensuring over 120 pegs are always available for the day-fisherman, with carp to over 20lb, bream to 12lbs perch to 4lb and lots of roach between 1lb and 2lb. For more information on the individual pools, see the map in Fishery Pools, and follow the links. To see what matches are on this week, click here.

Tickets must be obtained from The tackle shop before fishing. If you arrive before 7:00am, you may go to a peg and set up, but you must first check the notice board at Reception for rules and matches, and you must return after 7:30am to pay. Alternatively, you can purchase a ticket from the automated ticket machine, however you must have the correct money for this as it only takes coins, and gives no change. A wide variety of baits and tackle are available from our onsite tackle shop, as are refreshments such as soft drinks, lager, sandwiches, sausage rolls and chocolate bars. Cooked breakfasts are now available in the clubhouse most weekend mornings between 7:30am and 10:30am.

Open all year round – 8:00 am – dusk – winter hours.
7.00 am – 9.00pm – summer hours




Quarry Complex

The newest additions to the fishery are the Specimen Carp and Pike Waters. Which are two gravel pit lakes located behind the farm buildings, The Quarry pool and The Bridge pool.

Both these pools contain large Carp and Pike the Quarry pool also holds a small number of Bream up to 16lb.

Both pools available on 24hour tickets only at a cost of £30.00 per 24 hours.

Quarry Pool



This 18 acre water was the first of the two gravel pits to open back in June 2007 and contains the biggest fish of the two waters with carp averaging around 24lb, with over eighteen 30lb+ fish and pike to just under 30lb. Not forgetting the fish everyone wants to catch the lake record 45lb 5oz common.

The Bridge Pool


This 10 acre pool opened in 2010 and although the carp are not quite as big whith the average fish being just under the 20lb mark and a lake record of 31lb 1oz. The bigest pike caught is just under the 20lb mark, so there is some good fishing to be had,  Of the two lakes this is the easyer one to fish as it doesn’t become as weedy in the summer months as the quarry pool. It is also a great location for a soical as all ten pegs are along one bank.

A testiment to the quality of these two waters is that in 2011 and 2012 the british carp angling championships held qualifiers here, And this year in 2013 the BCAC’s are back again on the 26th and 27th April. As well as the Deaf society Carp angling championships which is being held on the 22nd and 23rd March



Information on Baden Hall Fishery can also be found on the Angling Internet Site www.fisheries.co.uk/baden although this is not maintained by us and we cannot therefore take responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided there.